Legalize. Reeducate. Reclassify.

A Little Bit About Me...

High! I'm Heidi. I'm so glad you came. Stop in; stay a spell. :-)


Raphael Hameed (AKA The Herb'n Monk) and I endeavor to find a way to earn a living, keep the dream of Monk's Herb'n Lounge alive, and spread the knowledge of cannabis, truth and true humanity alive. Herb'n Monk at a cafe next door to the shelter we were in, waiting to have an on-the-phone interview with KKXX, a radio station out of Chico, California. (

I am a published author,child of God, wife and a mother. With the sole exception of my faith, my family is my entire universe. I live for the day that my WHOLE family is reunited- my two children released for adoption in 1999 (then Karl and Katrina) - with their brother Ishaq. 

I am a full fledged cannabis enthusiast [activist carries a negative connotation which is the opposite message intended] and believe that this wonderful plant, is a source (or maybe more accurately an INSTRUMENT) of peace, love and healing to millions around the globe.

Again, I welcome you to our little corner in the world. 

I anticipate participation among my friends and fellow tokers and your ideas and views, so long as they remain respectful. :-) God bless you!





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